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Anna H. Jones

Anna H. Jones

Photo: The Black Archives of Mid-America

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  • 1855 – 1932

    Anna H. Jones was born in Canada and graduated from Oberlin
    College, a private Ohio school noted for having been the first
    American institution of higher learning to regularly admit Black

    She taught at Wilberforce University, a historically Black university
    in Ohio, before moving to Kansas City, Missouri, in 1892 to teach at
    Lincoln High School. She later become the first Black woman to serve
    as a school principal, assuming leadership of Douglass School in 1911.

    Jones was a co-founder, with Josephine Silone Yates, of the Kansas
    City Colored Women’s League, led fundraising for the YWCA, and
    served as president of the Missouri Association of Colored Women’s
    Clubs from 1903-06. She retired from L