Black history is American history. It is baked into the foundation of our country so thoroughly that it is impossible to escape its influence today.

Reuben and Ella Street were prominent restaurateurs and hotel proprietors in Kansas City for nearly half a century. 
A while back, while I was searching for material for the memoir I was preparing, I ran across an article I had written for The Kansas City Call, the Black weekly newspaper, at the request of the late Miss Lucile Bluford, managing editor.
Fletcher Daniels led a distinguished life of public service as a postal worker, civil rights leader, school board member, and legislator.
When I got my first library card in 1993, I did not yet know that one day a Black man would be the president of the United States of America — or that I would grow up to become the mayor of the city I grew up in.

In this book, we celebrate those African Americans on whose shoulders we stand. 

We stand at a pivotal time, not only for our county but also for our state and especially our community.